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A key role in bridging the world

Utilize your skills and abilities to host foreign guests

With more than 30 million international travelers visiting Japan yearly, hosting foreign guests has become more essential than ever before.
Today, to fully attend VIP travelers with their limosine needs, one must not just be a driver but be a Concierge Driver – capable of serving guests beyond just driving but serving with dignity and being a part in bridging the world.

Boost your Career

Attending world-class VIPs can help you flourish and lead to stepping up your career!

Attending VIPs or extraordinary people can help make you extraordinary.
More and more VIPs from around the world visit Japan every year. To be able to attend to their needs, more and more young and vibrant recruits are in demand! If you are a foreinger studying in Japan and wish to learn more about the world, you may hold the key to bridging new possibilities. Come join the action!

Open your World

With today’s disruptive technologies and innovations, the world of transportation is evolving faster than ever.
Turn your dreams and ideas to reality –let yourself be part of bridging the possibilities of tomorrow.

By means of transportation, let us energize the human interaction and open up our world.

Career Opportunities